The Oxford Handbook of Theological Anthropology

Together with Jens Zimmermann and Michael Burdett, I have been commissioned to produce an OUP handbook (projected publication, 2023).

The volume will comprise forty-two invited essays by an international team of world-class scholars. Our ambition is to publish the authoritative current reference work on this subject in the Christian Tradition.

Distinctively, the Handbook will combine substantial treatments of relevant biblical texts; a detailed ecumenical history of the doctrine, arranged by period; focused treatments of major systematic loci; and robust engagement with contemporary issues. As a result, the volume will serve as a comprehensive resource for those who face the pressing question of what it means to be human in a cultural climate dominated by scientific and technological reasoning.

Each essay will convey the existing state of knowledge on the topic, grounded in relevant primary texts. It will also offer a unique interpretation of the issues at hand while highlighting avenues for future research. The objective is to provide the best contemporary scholarship on the subject to a readership consisting of undergraduate and postgraduate students, theologians, scholars of modern religion, intellectual historians, pastors, seminarians, and those involved in Christian ministry.

My contribution to this handbook is tentatively titled "On dying and death: The ending and beginning of theological anthropology"