Resourcing Hope for Ageing and Dying

My third monograph will be published in June.

My third authored book has been accepted after peer-review! The book, Resourcing Hope for Ageing and Dying in a Broken World: Wayfaring Through Despair, will be published with Anthem Press (Anthem Religion and Society Series).

The books responds to both the risks and threats of despair experienced in ageing and dying, Ashley will illuminate the habits of character formation and communal life that might enable a strength or resilience to endure such despair while learning to become homo viator or the ‘human wayfarer’ for journeys of perseverance. Put differently, despair often generates behaviours that anticipate suicide or other, often tragic, outcomes that impede or greatly curtail or even completely inhibit human flourishing. By addressing the genesis of despair in vulnerable populations, including the frail elderly and the terminally ill, while presenting the attenuating benefits of religious observance and related educative practices (habits of virtue), Ashley will demonstrate the way theology might resource both human flourishing and hope for these persons inundated by anguish in our late modern age with its anthropologies that leave persons vulnerable to despair. Resourcing hope and developing practices that cultivate both character and community are relevant not only to those engaged in the health and social care of ageing and dying persons but also to policy makers who are concerned for the flourishing of vulnerable persons and are dissatisfied with policies preoccupied by independence and autonomy.